2017 Student Posters

#1701. Impact of Tarping on the Soil Environment and Crop Residue. Aleah Butler-Jones, Ryan Maher, Anusuya Rangarajan, and Haley Rylander.

#1702. Product Development: Optimizing Apple Butter Formula for Value Added Production. Ryder Chilcoff, Jennifer Robeson, and Ryan Claudino.

#1703. Promoting Value-added Production of Massachusetts Grown Produce. Ryan Claudino, Jennifer Robeson, and Ryder Chilcoff.

#1704. Nitrogen accumulation and release trend of winter-killed faba bean and assessing the N contribution to succeeding sweet corn. Fatemeh Etemadi, Masoud Hashemi, OmidReza Zandvakili, and Francis Mangan.

#1705. Apple Disease Forecasting Models: When Climate Change Changes the Rules. Elizabeth W. Garofalo and Daniel R. Cooley.

#1706. Understanding the Relationship Between Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid in PostHarvest Sanitizer Solutions. Tiah Ghostlaw and Amanda Kinchla.

#1707. Integrated Organic Management of Cabbage Aphid on Brussels Sprouts. Alina Harris, Talia Levy, and Becky Sideman.

#1708. Blossom Thinning of Apple in New York using the Pollen Tube Growth Model. Peter Herzeelle, Terence Robinson, and Gregory Peck.

#1709. Influence of commercial stone fruit processing conditions on Listeria monocytogenes persistence on peaches and nectarines. Deepa Kuttappan, Muhammad Muyyarikkandy, and Mary Anne Amalaradjou.

#1710. Peracetic Acid Over Time Under Stressed Conditions. Frank Martens, Tiah Ghostlaw, and Amanda Kinchla.

#1711. Assessment of preparation methods to create a postharvest wash water model for food safety validation. Paola Martinez-Ramos and Amanda Kinchla.

#1712. Effects of planting date and cultivar on winter spinach production in unheated high tunnels. Kaitlyn Orde, Connor Eaton, and Becky Sideman.

#1713. Effects of low tunnels on performance of the day-neutral cultivar ‘Albion’ in the Northeastern US. Kaitlyn Orde and Becky Sideman.

#1714. Product Development Blueberry Jam: challenges to scaling for commercial application. Jennifer Robeson, Ryan Claudino, Ryder Chilcoff, and Amanda Kinchla.

#1715. University of Maine Paper Agricultural Mulch Project. Mark Hutton, David Handley, and Nicholas Rowley.

#1716. 2017 Muskmelon Variety Trial at Highmoor Farm. Nicholas Rowley, Mark Hutton, and David Handley.

#1717. Opaque plastic tarps suppress weeds and increase yields in organic reduced tillage systems for beets. Haley Rylander, Anusuya Rangarajan, Ryan Maher, and Aleah Butler-Jones.

#1718. Effect of source of organic fertilizer and application rates on media CO2-NH3 emissions and nutrient use efficiency of lettuce under greenhouse conditions. Omid R Zandvakili, Allen V Barker, Fatemeh Etemadi and Wesley R Autio.

#1719. Effect of Green Manure Mixtures on Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Lettuce Crop. Omid R Zandvakili, Elnaz Ebrahimi, Masoud Hashemi, Allen V Barker, Fatemeh Etemadi and Parisa Akbari.Poster #1701.

Presenting student authors are highlighted in bold.