2019 Proceedings and Presentations


The 2019 Proceedings book is available as a searchable pdf.


Cucurbits, Pumpkins and Gourds

3 Years of Melon Variety Trials at Highmoor Farm, ME 
Nick Rowley, University of Maine

Managing Multiple Diseases in Cucurbits: Fungicide Update     
Meg McGrath, Cornell University

Growing Pumpkins & Squash Organically & Conventionally in the Pioneer Valley
Wally Czajkowski, Plainville Farm

Weed Control in Cucurbit Crops
Bryan Brown, NYSIPM

Summer Squash, Zucchini, Cucumbers, and Melons at Pomykala Farm: Small Scale Production and Sales Techniques
Ben Pomykala, Pomykala Farm


Tree Fruit I

Developing a Cost-sharing Program to Encourage the Adoption of Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management (IPPM) in Apples
Anna Wallingford, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Herbicide Weed Control Strategies in Orchards
Robert Crassweller, Penn State University

Apple Fruit Rots… An Increasingly 'Bitter' Experience
Sara Villani, Mountain Hort Crops Res and Ext. Ctr.  N. C. State Univ.

Vision for Orchards of the Future
Terence Robinson, NY Agr. Expt. Sta.

Advantages of Two Leader Trees
Bill Pitts, Wafler Nursery


Cover Cropping & Rotations

Pros, Cons, Costs of Grass Covers between Rows
Lisa MacDougall, Mighty Food Farm

Mechanically Interseeding Covercrops
Skip Paul, Wishingstone Farm

Rotating Covers and Wholesale Leafy Greens
Brent Preston, The New Farm

Equipment we use to Manage Cover Crops, from Seeding to Incorporation
Justin Rich, Burnt Rock Farm

Effective and Efficient Interseeding of Cover Crops between Plastic Mulch for Weeds and Soil Building
David Greenberg, Abundant Acres Farm


Strawberry I

Getting Started in Strawberries Pt 1
David Handley, University of Maine

Getting Started in Strawberries Pt 2
David Handley, University of Maine

Ways to Extend your Production Season
Charlie Gray, 4 Corners Farm

Irrigation Innovations for Strawberries
Trevor Hardy, Brookdale Farm

Fine-Tuning Strawberry Nutrition
Nate Nourse, Nate Nourse Consulting


Root Crops

Managing Wireworms in Root Crops
Teresa Rusinek, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Beating Common Beet Issues
Robert Hadad, Cornell Cooperative Extension

New Root Crop Varieties for Improved Pest Management
Jan van der Heide, Bejo Seeds

Producing High Quality Carrots at Competitive Prices
Andre Cantelmo, Heron Pond Farm

Growing and Marketing Specialty Root Crops at Juniper Hill Farm
Adam Hainer, Juniper Hill Farm


Speciality Vegetable Crops

Growing Ginger in Tunnels
Sue Decker, Blue Star Farm

Medicinal Plants
Wendy Fogg, Misty Meadows Herbal Center

Margaret Skinner, University of Vermont

Seaweed in New England
Sarah Redmond, Springtide Seaweed

Globe Artichokes and Belgian Endive
Abigail Maynard, Ct. Agric. Exp. Sta.


Tree Fruit II

Fighting Fire Blight: Using the Whole Playbook
Dan Cooley, University of Massachusetts

Managing Plum Curculio in Orchards with 'Attract and Kill' and Beneficial Nematodes
Jaime Pinero, University of Massachusetts

A Vision for Crop Load Management
Terence Robinson, NY Agr. Expt. Sta.

How to Raise Fruit in a Changing Climate
Robert Crassweller, Penn State University

The Move to High-Density Production Systems-- World-wide
Win Cowgill, Ceo Win Enterprises International LLC


Climate Adaptation & Resiliency

Examining the Role of Extreme Rainfall in Phosphorus Losses from Agricultural Watersheds
Tony Buda, USDA ARS in Pennsylvania

Ag-Radar – Using Weather to Inform Pest Management
Glen Koehler, University of Maine

Organic Weed Management in a Changing Climate
Sonja Birthisel, University of Maine

Stress Mitigation in Vegetable and Small Fruit Crops
Gordon Johnson, University of Delaware

Up Your Adaptation Game With the Climate Adaptation Fellowship: A New Program for Vegetable and Berry Growers and Ag Advisors
Rachel Schattman, University of Vermont


Strawberry II

Cultural Weed Management for Strawberries
David Handley, University of Maine

Strawberry Herbicide Update
Thierry Besancon, Rutgers Agricultural Experiment Station

Soil Born Diseases
Alicyn Smart, University of Maine

Strawberry Breeding and Promising Selections from Nova Scotia
Beatrice Amyotte, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Managing PYO Customers at Tougas Farm
Andre Tougas, Tougas Farm


Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Insect Identification and Management
Marion Zuefle, New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, Cornell University

Producing Early-season Sweet Corn Using Black Plastic Mulch and Transplants
Eric Peterson, Cold Spring Brook Farm

Sweet Corn Weed Control
Mark VanGessel, University of Delaware

Selecting Sweet Corn Cultivars and Planting Dates for CSA and Wholesale Markets
Bruce Gresczyk Jr, Gresczyk Farms

An Update on Sweet Corn Variety Trials
David Handley, University of Maine


No Till

Tarping Cover Crops for Organic No-Till
Natalie Lounsbury, University of New Hampshire

Two Years of Tarping Trials on Our Farm
Gillian Files, The New Farm

Dawn ZRX Roller Crimper Planters
Daimon Meeh, NRCS

5 Years of No-till with Sweetcorn, Pumpkin, String Beans!
Adrien Lavoie, Lavoie’s Farm

15 Years of No-till Sweetcorn
Andrew Frankenfield, Frankenfield Farm and Penn State Extension Educator


Soil Health

Soil Conservation Practices on a Small Vegetable Farm
Ryan Fitzbeauchamp, Evening Song Farm

Assessing Soil Health
Brandon Smith, USDA-NRCS Soil Health Division

Is There such a Thing as too Much Organic Matter?
Caleb Goossen, MOFGA

Soil Organic Matter, Fertility, and Tilth Relationships
Tony Jenkins, NRCS

Using Organic Soil Amendments to Build Soil Health and Enhance Food Safety
Donna P. Clements, Produce Safety Alliance


Stone Fruit

Peaches are/were my Career...and Clemson Beats Alabama!
Gregory Reighard, Clemson University

Brown Rot -- Getting Better or Getting Worse?
Sara Villani, North Carolina State University MHCREC

Why I Gave up on Cherries, However, if you Insist...
Jon Clements, UMass

Peach Rootstocks are Another Story...
Gregory Reighard, Clemson

Innovative Peach Growing and Selling Strategies
Aaron Libby, Libby Orchard
Elly Vaughan, Pheonix Fruit Farm
Andre Tougas, Tougas Family Farm


Winter Growing

Climate Battery System in Canada for Heating Tunnels for Winter Greens Production: Low Cost & Zero Rowcovers
David Greenberg, Abundant Acres Farm

Insure, Protect, and Track - Winter Growing Confidence through Technology
Robert Arnold, Smart Farm Innovations/ Pleasant Valley Farm

What Works for Organic Insect & Disease Control in Winter Tunnels
Meg Mcgrath, Cornell University
Judson Reid, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Overwintering Onions-Bed Prep by Steaming; Varieties, Techniques, and Economics
Paul Arnold, Pleasant Valley Farm

Reports from the Winter Experts--Recap of Frozen Ground 2019
Liz Graznak, Happy Hollow Farm



Strategies for Weed Control in Brambles
Marvin Pritts, Cornell

Swing Arm Trellis Training System - Likes & Dislikes
Tim Stanton, Stanton's Feura Farm; Umass

SWD Netting: Will it Really Work for PYO?
Peter Jentsch, Cornell
Dale-Ila Riggs, Stone Wall Hill Farm

Bramble Plant Nutrition: High tunnel vs Field
Marvin Pritts, Cornell

Sprayer Plant Relationship to Coverage & Calibration
George Hamilton, UNH Extension


Eggplants & Peppers

High Tunnel Eggplants: Varieties, Pruning, and Post-harvest Storage
Becky Sideman, UNH Extension

Balancing Nutrients for Bell Pepper Vegetation and Fruiting
Gordon Johnson, University of Delaware

Selection of Hot Pepper Varieties for a Diverse Value-Added Product Line
Matt Kushi, Kushi Farm and the North Hadley Chili Pepper Company, LLC.

Experience with Tomato Grafting: How it Helps, or not, with Pepper Grafting
Matt Kleinhenz, Ohio State University

Experiences Managing Mites and Suggestions for Fruiting Vegetables: Biopesticides and Other Alternatives
Dan Gilrein, Cornell Cooperative Extension


Speciality Nuts & Fruits

Figs in the North
Tom Ashley, Dancing Bear Farm

Haskaps/Honeyberry for New England
Ben Shambaugh, Wayside Farm & Great Northern Berries

Growing Kiwiberries in New England
Will Hastings, University of New Hampshire

Growing Blight-Resistant Hybrid and Chinese Chestnuts for Market in Southern New England
Jono Neiger, Regenerative Design Group

Hops in New England
Heather Darby, University of Vermont



Post-Harvest Handling of Onions and Garlic
Chris Callahan, University of Vermont

Managing Major Insect Pests of Onion Including the New Invasive Allium Leafminer
Brian Nault, Cornell University

How we Grow our Onions and Garlic in Vermont
Howard Prussack, High Meadows Farm

Strategies and Opportunities in Leek Moth Management
Scott Lewins & Vic Izzo, University of Vermont

Advances in Fertility and Soil Borne Disease Management in Alliums
Crystal Stewart, Cornell University


Hard Cider & Cider Apples

Craft Cider Making: Trials in Sourcing Local Juice
Mike Fairbrother, Moonlight Meadery

Geographical Indicators and Strategic Partnerships in Hard Cider
David Conner, UVM

Management Considerations for Growing Cider Apples in New England
Terence Bradshaw, UVM

Experiences in Growing Apples for Cider Making
Giff Burnap, Butternut Farm Cidery
Dan Wilson, Hicks Orchard
Ali Stevenson, Scott Farm Orchard


High Tunnels

25 Years of Tunnels
Jack Manix, Walker Farm

High Tunnels as Systems - Ventilation, Irrigation, Row Cover and other Useful Technologies
Chris Callahan, University of Vermont

High Tunnel Soil Fertility Update
Bruce Hoskins, University of Maine

Tunnel Irrigation- Moisture Sensors and Automation
Trevor Hardy, Brookdale Fruit Farm

High Tunnel Production Using Ground Heat: Pros, Cons and Numbers
Ryan Fitzbeauchamp, Evening Song Farm


World of Weed Management; Cultural through Chemical Options

Advances in Physical Weed Control
Eric Gallandt, Univ of Maine

Stacking Cultivation Tools: On-Farm Studies in Maine and Michigan
Peyton Ginakes, University of Maine

Horse Powered Cultivation with Finger and Torsion Weeders on Goranson Farm
Carl Johanson, Goranson Farm

Tarping for Weed Control
Mark Hutton, University of Maine

What's New in the World of Herbicides
Mark VanGessel, University of Delaware


Table Grapes

Choosing Varieties for your Market
Denis Rak, Double A Vineyards

Planting and Early Care
Becky Sideman, UNH Extension

Trellising and Training Systems
George Hamilton, UNH Extension

Invasive Pests that Affect Grapes (SWD, BMSB and SLF)
Anna Wallingford, UNH Extension

Table Grapes at our Farm
Dana Clark, Clark Brothers Orchards


Cut Flowers

Dahlia Tuber Storage
Tania Cubberly, Skyfall Flowers

Herbaceous Perennials
Anna Kocon, Little State Flower Co

Bulbs & Corms
Blake Hill, Rock Steady Farm

Woody Perennials
Carolyn Snell, Snell Family Farm

Post-harvest and Quality Control at Broadturn Farm
Stacy Brenner, Broadturn Farm


Blueberry I

Pruning and Renovating Blueberry Bushes
Marvin Pritts, Cornell

Sharing Feedback on Blueberry Varieties - discussion
Heather Faubert, University of Rhode Island

Chemical Control for SWD
Rich Cowles, CT AES

Cultural Management for SWD
Peter Jentsch, Cornell

Review and Update on Blueberry Diseases
Sai Sree Uppala, UMass Cranberry Station


Post-Harvest Tools & Tips

Floors, Walls, Bins and Other Post Harvest Surfaces
Andy Chamberlin, UVM Extension

Dedicated Storage Reduces Tomato Culls
Andre Cantelmo, Heron Pond Farm

Pre-Cooling and Curing Crops
Chris Callahan, UVM Extension

Lessons Learned Upgrading Our Post Harvest Systems
Jeremy Barker-Plotkin, Simple Gifts Farm
Dave Tepfer, Simple Gifts Farm

Cleaning Your Wash/Pack Equipment
Robert Hadad, Cornell Cooperative Extension


Organic Production

Soil as the Foundation of Organic Farming
Dave Mortensen, University of New Hampshire

Biocontrol: Some Interesting Trials at UVM
Heather Darby, University of Vermont

Farming in Oklahoma is not that Different than New England; I can represent us both on the NOSB
Emily Oakley & Mike Appel, Three Springs Farm

An Agrarian Elder's Farm Story
Jim Gerritsen, Wood Prairie Family Farm

The First Five Years: How We Built Our Business
Ben Whalen, Bumbleroot Organic Farm


Wildlife Control

Controlling Bird Damage with Raptors
Catherine Lindell, Michigan State University

Integrated Pest Management Practices for Protecting Vegetable and Fruit Crops in New England
David Allaben, NH USDA Wildlife Services

Three Critical Components for Maintaining an Effective Wildlife Exclusion Fence
Colin Kinnard, Wellscroft Fence Systems

Rodent Control in your Wash/Pack
Chris Del Rossi, Food and Drug and the Bug

Rats, Porquipine and Deer, oh my! Stories & Strategies from the Farm
Giff Burnap, Butternut Farm
Hank Bissell, Lewis Creek Farm


Speciality Salads

Production of Diverse Salad Mixes Using Mechanization on Large Acreage
Mark Fasching, Jericho Settler Farm

Microgreen Production for the Specialty Markets
Sue Decker, Blue Star Farm

Beautiful Profits: Growing and Marketing Edible Flowers
Kim Atkins, Pleasant Valley Flowers

Growing, Packaging and Marketing Micros, Sprouts, & Baby Greens
Lauri Roberts, Farming Turtles

Salad Greens Varieties: What Growers Like & Looking to the Future
Brenna Chase, Johnny's Selected Seeds


Fruit Technology

Apps for Smart Phones
Jon Clements, UMass Extension

Orchard Platforms
Russell Holmberg, Holmberg Orchards
Harry Ricker, Ricker Hill Orchards
Bill Pitts, Wafler Nursery

Hail Netting
Helen Giroux, Drape Ne

Advances in Producing Rootstocks and Finished Trees to Meet Grower Needs
Win Cowgill, Ceo -  Win Enterprises International LLC

Tools Used for Spray Calibration in Europe
Jan Langenakens, AAMS – Salvarani


Blueberry II

Re-tooling your Sprayer for Better Insect and Disease Management
George Hamilton, UNH Extension

Bird Damage in Blueberries: Risk Factors and Management Strategies
Catherine Lindell, MSU

New Frozen Products for a New Market
Amanda Kinchla, University of Massachusetts

Weed Management in Organic Blueberries
Andrew Knafel, Clear Brook Farm

Netting Costs and Returns for SWD and Birds
Laura McDermott, Cornell


Brassicas & Other Leafy Greens

Heat Stress in Broccoli
Thomas Bjorkman, Cornell University

Planting Brassicas through a Leguminous Cover Crop
Jean-Paul Courtens, Roxbury Agriculture Institute at Philia Farm

Research Updates from the Brassica Pest Collaborative
Becky Sideman, UNH Extension
Sue Scheufele, UMass

Flowers of Winter: Growing and Forcing Radicchio
Tim Wilcox, The Kitchen Garden Farm

Swede Midge Biology Basics and Management Updates
Elisabeth Hodgdon, Cornell Cooperative Extension


Optimizing Water Use on the Farm

Soil Moisture Monitoring on NH Fruit and Vegetable Farms
Jeremy DeLisle, UNH Cooperative Extension

Soil Moisture Monitoring: What it told me and what I did about it
Hank Bissell, Lewis Creek Farm
Andy Jones, Intervale Community Farm

A Novel Design for Shallow Wells: Drought-Resistant, Bacteria-Free, and Low-Cost for Agricultural or Domestic Use
Joseph Ayotte, USGS New England Water Science Center

What’s New in Irrigation and Water Management?
Trevor Hardy, Brookdale Fruit Farm

Drip Irrigation Uniformity Dos and Don’ts
Bill Wolfram, Toro


Farming for Profit

How We Track Net Profit by Crop
Christa Alexander, Jericho Settlers Farm

Cooperating to Distribute and Market Local Food
Andre Cantelmo, Heron Pond Farm

Financial Benchmarks - What They Are and How to Use Them
Michael Sciabarassi, University of New Hampshire

Adding Value by Processing on the Farm
Danielle Allen, Root5Farm

Costs of Production for Organic Vegetables
Jen Miller, NOFA-Vermont



Pruning Tomatoes for Higher Yield in Tunnels
Judson Reid, Cornell University

Tomato Disease Management in High Tunnels and Greenhouses
Ann Hazelrigg, University of Vermont

High Quality Field Tomato Production through the Lens of Hydroponics
David Wadleigh, Kimball Fruit Farm

Maximizing Varieties of Cherry Tomatoes for Flavor and Popularity for all Types of Marketing
Kim Arnold, Pleasant Valley Farm

Grafting, Biostimulants & Rootstocks: Do These Enhance Tomato Production
Matt Kleinhenz, Ohio State University