2003 Proceedings

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Strawberry I


Soil Health

Marketing of Vegetables & Fruits

Strawberry II

Weed Control

Greenhouse/Season Extension

Peppers and Eggplants

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Tree Fruit I: Organic Apple Production

Sweet Corn

Blueberry I

  • Production Basics
    William Lord, University of New Hampshire
  • Insect Management
    Alan Eaton, University of New Hampshire
  • Disease Management
    Frank Caruso, University of Massachusetts
  • Mulching and Organic Matter
    Kathy Demchak, Pennsylvania State University
  • Cultivars
    Gary Pavlis, Rutgers University

Beans and Peas

Tree Fruit II


Blueberry II

Organic Production

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Pumpkin School I

Wildlife Management

  • Deer Habitat and Behavior
    Uma Ramakrishnan,
    Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Fencing Options for Deer Control
    David Kennard, Wellscroft Fence Systems LLC, Harrisville, NH
  • Grower Experience with Moveable Fencing
    Nat Arena, Arena Farms, Concord, MA
  • Avitrol Use and Certification for Bird Management
    Don Wilda, USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services
  • Woodchuck Ecology and Management
    John McConnell, USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services


Leafy Greens and Herbs

Pumpkin School II

  • Insects and Pumpkins Don’t Mix – The Insect Link to Pumpkin Diseases
    Tom Zitter, Cornell University
  • Growing and Marketing Pumpkins at Riverbank Farm,
    Anne Mattice, Mattice’s Riverbank Farm, N. Blenheim, NY
  • Diseases: Angular Leaf Spot to Wilts and How to Manage Them
    Meg McGrath, Cornell University
  • Weed Management in Pumpkins
    Richard Bonanno, University of Massachusetts
  • An Overview of Road Side Marketing: Ideas to Take Home
    John Mishanec, Cornell University

Featuring New Farmers

  • Adding Horticulture to an Already Diversified Dairy Farm
    Amanda Thurber, Lilac Ridge Farm, W. Brattleboro, VT
  • How I Started an Organic Vegetable Farm with My Friends
    Mark Guzzi, Peacemeal Farm, Dixmont, ME
  • Growing Berries and Customers Organically at Beebleberry Farm
    Emmanuel Farrow, Beebleberry Farm,
    Randolph Center, VT
  • Establishing Our Community Supported Agriculture Farm
    Ryan Voiland, Red Fire Farm, Granby, MA
  • Our First 5 Years in Farming
    Eileen Droescher, Ol’ Turtle Farm, Easthampton, MA