2007 Proceedings


Peppers & Eggplants

Root, Bulb & Tuber Crops

Soil Health

Strawberry I


Production & Marketing of Fresh Produce in Urban Setting

Season Extension

Stone Fruit

Strawberry II

Apple I

Blueberry I


Minor Crops

Renewable Energy on the Farm

Apple II

Blueberry II

Organic Production

Postharvest Management

  • Food safety: the first step in good post harvest handling practices
    Diane Wright Hirsch, University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension
  • New food safety regulations for farmers and producers
    Mary Yebba, U.S. Food and Drug Administation
  • Vegetable storage and cooling 101
    Dr.Chris Watkins, Cornell University
  • Maintaining post harvest quality at the farmers' market and beyond
    Nicole Vitello and Louise Ruggeri, Manic Organic Production Farms
  • Post-harvest quality concerns from the grocer's perspective
    Bill McGowan, Whole Foods Market


Non-Chemical Weed Control


Sweet Corn

Viticulture I

Lettuce & Greens


Viticulture II