2009 Proceedings

Crunching Numbers

Minor Crops


Strawberry I - Basics

Year-Round Growing and Marketing

Pepper and Eggplant

So You Want to Farm - Five Farmers Share their Beginnings

  • The First Year . . .
    Kristen Wilmer, 1st year farmer
  • CSA Start-Up
    Marcy O'Connell, Holland Farm CSA
  • The Incubator Farm Experience
    Pat McNiff, Manager, Casey Farm, RI
  • The Farmers' Market Market
    Nate Drummond and Gabrielle Gosselin, Six River Farm
  • Restaurants, Direct
    Paulette Satur, Satur Farms

Strawberry II - New Ideas

Tree Fruit I

Tunnel Innovations

Blueberry I

Efficiency on the Farm

Leafy Greens

Soil Health

Tree Fruit II

Blueberry II

Grower Experiences with Deep Zone Tillage

  • Why Deep Zone-Tillage/Verticle-Tillage
    Jude Boucher, University of Connecticut
  • Transitioning to Deep Zone-Tillage
    Nelson Cecarelli, Cecarelli Farm
  • Stabilizing Profitability on Your Farm
    Tom Scott, Scott's Yankee Farmer
  • Zone-Tillage - 12 Years Later
    George Ayres, Fresh Ayr Farm
  • Why We Switched from Conventional-Till to Strip-Till
    Gary Sweet, Sweet's Gourmet Sweet Corn

Organic Pest Management

Sweet Corn

Tree Fruit III



Nutrient Value of Plants for Human Health


Viticulture I

Greenhouse Tomato



Vine Crops

Viticulture II