Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Morning Sessions

Soil Health

9:30 Soil Conservation Practices on a Small Vegetable Farm
Ryan Fitzbeauchamp, Evening Song Farm

10:00 Assessing Soil Health
Brandon Smith, USDA-NRCS Soil Health Division

10:30 "Is There such a Thing as too Much Organic Matter?"
Caleb Goossen, MOFGA

11:00 Soil Organic Matter, Fertility, and Tilth Relationships
Tony Jenkins, NRCS

11:30 Using Organic Soil Amendments to Build Soil Health and Enhance Food Safety
Donna P. Clements, Produce Safety Alliance


Stone Fruit

9:30 Peaches are/were my Career...and Clemson Beats Alabama!
Gregory Reighard, Clemson University

10:00 Brown Rot -- Getting Better or Getting Worse?
Sara Villani, North Carolina State University MHCREC

10:30 Why I Gave up on Cherries, However, if you Insist...
Jon Clements, UMass

11:00 Peach Rootstocks are Another Story...
Gregory Reighard, Clemson

11:30 Innovative Peach Growing and Selling Strategies
Aaron Libby, Libby Orchard
Elly Vaughan, Pheonix Fruit Farm
Andre Tougas, Tougas Family Farm

Winter Growing

9:30 Climate Battery System in Canada for Heating Tunnels for Winter Greens Production: Low Cost & Zero Rowcovers
David Greenberg, Abundant Acres Farm

10:00 Insure, Protect, and Track - Winter Growing Confidence through Technology
Robert Arnold, Smart Farm Innovations/ Pleasant Valley Farm

10:30 What Works for Organic Insect & Disease Control in Winter Tunnels
Meg Mcgrath, Cornell University
Judson Reid, Cornell Cooperative Extension

11:00 Overwintering Onions-Bed Prep by Steaming; Varieties, Techniques, and Economics
Paul Arnold, Pleasant Valley Farm

11:30 Reports from the Winter Experts--Recap of Frozen Ground 2019
Liz Graznak, Happy Hollow Farm



9:30 Strategies for Weed Control in Brambles
Marvin Pritts, Cornell

10:00 Swing Arm Trellis Training System - Likes & Dislikes
Tim Stanton, Stanton's Feura Farm; Umass

10:30 SWD Netting: Will it Really Work for PYO?
Peter Jentsch, Cornell
Dale-Ila Riggs, Stone Wall Hill Farm

11:00 Bramble Plant Nutrition: High tunnel vs Field
Marvin Pritts, Cornell

11:30 Sprayer Plant Relationship to Coverage & Calibration
George Hamilton, UNH Extension

Eggplants & Peppers

9:30 High Tunnel Eggplants: Varieties, Pruning, and Post-harvest Storage
Becky Sideman, UNH Extension

10:00 Balancing Nutrients for Bell Pepper Vegetation and Fruiting
Gordon Johnson, University of Delaware

10:30 Selection of Hot Pepper Varieties for a Diverse Value-Added Product Line
Matt Kushi, Kushi Farm and the North Hadley Chili Pepper Company, LLC.

11:00 Experience with Tomato Grafting: How it Helps, or not, with Pepper Grafting
Matt Kleinhenz, Ohio State University

11:30 Experiences Managing Mites and Suggestions for Fruiting Vegetables: Biopesticides and Other Alternatives
Dan Gilrein, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Speciality Nuts & Fruits

9:30 Figs in the North
Tom Ashley, Dancing Bear Farm

10:00 Haskaps/Honeyberry for New England
Ben Shambaugh, Wayside Farm & Great Northern Berries

10:30 Growing Kiwiberries in New England
Will Hastings, University of New Hampshire

11:00 Growing Blight-Resistant Hybrid and Chinese Chestnuts for Market in Southern New England
Jono Neiger, Regenerative Design Group

11:30 Hops in New England
Heather Darby, University of Vermont


Afternoon Sessions


2:00 Post-Harvest Handling of Onions and Garlic
Chris Callahan, University of Vermont

2:30 Managing Major Insect Pests of Onion Including the New Invasive Allium Leafminer
Brian Nault, Cornell University

3:00 How we Grow our Onions and Garlic in Vermont
Howard Prussack, High Meadows Farm

3:30 Strategies and Opportunities in Leek Moth Management
Scott Lewins & Vic Izzo, University of Vermont

4:00 Advances in Fertility and Soil Borne Disease Management in Alliums
Crystal Stewart, Cornell University

Hard Cider & Cider Apples

2:00 Craft Cider Making: Trials in Sourcing Local Juice
Mike Fairbrother, Moonlight Meadery

2:30 Geographical Indicators and Strategic Partnerships in Hard Cider
David Conner, UVM

3:15 Management Considerations for Growing Cider Apples in New England
Terence Bradshaw, UVM

4:00 Experiences in Growing Apples for Cider Making
Giff Burnap, Butternut Farm Cidery
Dan Wilson, Hicks Orchard
Ali Stevenson, Scott Farm Orchard

High Tunnels

2:00 25 Years of Tunnels
Jack Manix, Walker Farm

2:30 High Tunnels as Systems - Ventilation, Irrigation, Row Cover and other Useful Technologies
Chris Callahan, University of Vermont

3:00 High Tunnel Soil Fertility Update
Bruce Hoskins, University of Maine

3:30 Tunnel Irrigation- Moisture Sensors and Automation
Trevor Hardy, Brookdale Fruit Farm

4:00 High Tunnel Production Using Ground Heat: Pros, Cons and Numbers
Ryan Fitzbeauchamp, Evening Song Farm

World of Weed Management; Cultural through Chemical Options

2:00 Advances in Physical Weed Control
Eric Gallandt, Univ of Maine

2:30 Stacking Cultivation Tools: On-Farm Studies in Maine and Michigan
Peyton Ginakes, University of Maine

3:00 Horse Powered Cultivation with Finger and Torsion Weeders on Goranson Farm
Carl Johanson, Goranson Farm

3:30 Tarping for Weed Control
Mark Hutton, University of Maine

4:00 What's New in the World of Herbicides
Mark VanGessel, University of Delaware

Table Grapes

2:00 Choosing Varieties for your Market
Denis Rak, Double A Vineyards

2:30 Planting and Early Care
Becky Sideman, UNH Extension

3:00 Trellising and Training Systems
George Hamilton, UNH Extension

3:30 Invasive Pests that Affect Grapes (SWD, BMSB and SLF)
Anna Wallingford, UNH Extension

4:00 Table Grapes at our Farm
Dana Clark, Clark Brothers Orchards


Cut Flowers

2:00 Dahlia Tuber Storage
Tania Cubberly, Skyfall Flowers

2:30 Herbaceous Perennials
Anna Kocon, Little State Flower Co

3:00 Bulbs & Corms
Blake Hill, Rock Steady Farm

3:30 Woody Perennials
Carolyn Snell, Snell Family Farm

4:00 Post-harvest and Quality Control at Broadturn Farm
Stacy Brenner, Broadturn Farm