Thursday, December 12, 2019

Morning Sessions

Blueberry I

9:30 Pruning and Renovating Blueberry Bushes
Marvin Pritts, Cornell

10:00 Sharing Feedback on Blueberry Varieties - discussion
Heather Faubert, University of Rhode Island

10:30 Chemical Control for SWD
Rich Cowles, CT AES

11:00 Cultural Management for SWD
Peter Jentsch, Cornell

11:30 Review and Update on Blueberry Diseases
Sai Sree Uppala, UMass Cranberry Station

Post-Harvest Tools & Tips

9:30 Floors, Walls, Bins and Other Post Harvest Surfaces
Andy Chamberlin, UVM Extension

10:00 Dedicated Storage Reduces Tomato Culls
Andre Cantelmo, Heron Pond Farm

10:30 Pre-Cooling and Curing Crops
Chris Callahan, UVM Extension

11:00 Lessons Learned Upgrading Our Post Harvest Systems
Jeremy Barker-Plotkin, Simple Gifts Farm
Dave Tepfer, Simple Gifts Farm

11:30 Cleaning Your Wash/Pack Equipment
Robert Hadad, Cornell Cooperative Extension


Organic Production

9:30 Soil as the Foundation of Organic Farming
Dave Mortensen, University of New Hampshire

10:00 Biocontrol: Some Interesting Trials at UVM
Heather Darby, University of Vermont

10:30 Farming in Oklahoma is not that Different than New England; I can represent us both on the NOSB
Emily Oakley & Mike Appel, Three Springs Farm

11:00 An Agrarian Elder's Farm Story
Jim Gerritsen, Wood Prairie Family Farm

11:30 The First Five Years: How We Built Our Business
Ben Whalen, Bumbleroot Organic Farm

Wildlife Control

9:30 Controlling Bird Damage with Raptors
Catherine Lindell, Michigan State University

10:00 Integrated Pest Management Practices for Protecting Vegetable and Fruit Crops in New England
David Allaben, NH USDA Wildlife Services

10:30 Three Critical Components for Maintaining an Effective Wildlife Exclusion Fence
Colin Kinnard, Wellscroft Fence Systems

11:00 Rodent Control in your Wash/Pack
Chris Del Rossi, Food and Drug and the Bug

11:30 Rats, Porquipine and Deer, oh my! Stories & Strategies from the Farm
Giff Burnap, Butternut Farm
Hank Bissell, Lewis Creek Farm


Speciality Salads

9:30 Production of Diverse Salad Mixes Using Mechanization on Large Acreage
Mark Fasching, Jericho Settler Farm

10:00 Microgreen Production for the Specialty Markets
Sue Decker, Blue Star Farm

10:30 Beautiful Profits: Growing and Marketing Edible Flowers
Kim Atkins, Pleasant Valley Flowers

11:00 Growing, Packaging and Marketing Micros, Sprouts, & Baby Greens
Lauri Roberts, Farming Turtles

11:30 Salad Greens Varieties: What Growers Like & Looking to the Future
Brenna Chase, Johnny's Selected Seeds


Fruit Technology

9:30 Apps for Smart Phones
Jon Clements, UMass Extension

10:00 Orchard Platforms
Russell Holmberg, Holmberg Orchards
Harry Ricker, Ricker Hill Orchards
Bill Pitts, Wafler Nursery

10:30 Hail Netting
Helen Giroux, Drape Ne

11:00 Advances in Producing Rootstocks and Finished Trees to Meet Grower Needs
Win Cowgill, Ceo -  Win Enterprises International LLC

11:30 Tools Used for Spray Calibration in Europe
Jan Langenakens, AAMS – Salvarani


Afternoon Sessions

Blueberry II

2:00 Re-tooling your Sprayer for Better Insect and Disease Management
George Hamilton, UNH Extension

2:30 Bird Damage in Blueberries: Risk Factors and Management Strategies
Catherine Lindell, MSU

3:00 New Frozen Products for a New Market
Amanda Kinchla, University of Massachusetts

3:30 Weed Management in Organic Blueberries
Andrew Knafel, Clear Brook Farm

4:00 Netting Costs and Returns for SWD and Birds
Laura McDermott, Cornell

Brassicas & Other Leafy Greens

2:00 Heat Stress in Broccoli
Thomas Bjorkman, Cornell University

2:30 Planting Brassicas through a Leguminous Cover Crop
Jean-Paul Courtens, Roxbury Agriculture Institute at Philia Farm

3:00 Research Updates from the Brassica Pest Collaborative
Becky Sideman, UNH Extension
Sue Scheufele, UMass

3:30 Flowers of Winter: Growing and Forcing Radicchio
Tim Wilcox, The Kitchen Garden Farm

4:00 Swede Midge Biology Basics and Management Updates
Elisabeth Hodgdon, Cornell Cooperative Extension


Optimizing Water Use on the Farm

2:00 Soil Moisture Monitoring on NH Fruit and Vegetable Farms
Jeremy DeLisle, UNH Cooperative Extension

2:30 Soil Moisture Monitoring: What it told me and what I did about it
Hank Bissell, Lewis Creek Farm
Andy Jones, Intervale Community Farm

3:00 A Novel Design for Shallow Wells: Drought-Resistant, Bacteria-Free, and Low-Cost for Agricultural or Domestic Use
Joseph Ayotte, USGS New England Water Science Center

3:30 What’s New in Irrigation and Water Management?
Trevor Hardy, Brookdale Fruit Farm

4:00 Drip Irrigation Uniformity Dos and Don’ts
Bill Wolfram, Toro


Farming for Profit

2:00 How We Track Net Profit by Crop
Christa Alexander, Jericho Settlers Farm

2:30 Cooperating to Distribute and Market Local Food
Andre Cantelmo, Heron Pond Farm

3:00 Financial Benchmarks - What They Are and How to Use Them
Michael Sciabarassi, University of New Hampshire

3:30 Adding Value by Processing on the Farm
Danielle Allen, Root5Farm

4:00 Costs of Production for Organic Vegetables
Jen Miller, NOFA-Vermont


2:00 Pruning Tomatoes for Higher Yield in Tunnels
Judson Reid, Cornell University

2:30 Tomato Disease Management in High Tunnels and Greenhouses
Ann Hazelrigg, University of Vermont

3:00 High Quality Field Tomato Production through the Lens of Hydroponics
David Wadleigh, Kimball Fruit Farm

3:30 Maximizing Varieties of Cherry Tomatoes for Flavor and Popularity for all Types of Marketing
Kim Arnold, Pleasant Valley Farm

4:00 Grafting, Biostimulants & Rootstocks: Do These Enhance Tomato Production
Matt Kleinhenz, Ohio State University